Here is the fun part, Cakesmashes! I do love a good Cakesmash, esspecially when the Cakesmasher gets in deep and messy! It's definitely fun for all ages, ranging for one years old to one hundred and one! Though the older ones tend to be more sophisticated, with tables, plates and alcohol rather than hands and the floor followed by a juice box. There are a range of backdrops, decorations and cakes to choose from or you can even attempt baking your own! The backdrops consist of plain white, black or grey. If you are having a themed CakeSmash I also have blue wallpaper theme, bunting,  teddies and pressies, white stripped and coloured spots. For the adults, I have glitter backgrounds and different coloured. The cakes supplied are depending on the time of year and theme, contact me for details. Book here today.
Birthday Boy Holding Balloon
Birthday Boy In Glasses
Birthday Boy Looking Up After Cakesmash
Birthday Cakesmash
One Year Old Girl Cakesmash
Birthday Girl Eating Cake
Black And White Birthday Boy Cakesmash
Boy Looking Up Eating Cake
Blonde Girl Eating Cake At Cakesmash
Pink and yellow cake, cakesmash
Cute Birthday Boy With Glasses Cakesmash
Boy Smiling Eating Chocolate Cake At CakeSmash
Cute Girl Birthday Cakesmash
Focus on cake at cakesmash
First Birthday Cakesmash
First Birthday Cakesmash Black And White
First Birthday Girl Eating Cake
Birthday Boy Looking Sweet Before Eating Birthday Cake
pink cake, cakesmash, closeup
Birthday Boy Eating Cake